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As an individual therapy, different approaches are made depending on the type and stage of development of each form of cancer, allowing the therapy to be tailor made to the individual needs of each of the patients.

A successful treatment cannot be guaranteed for every patient. Only miracle healers claim that they are always successful. As with any other serious therapy, the success cannot be guaranteed.

A general rule of thumb is:
The earlier this new and successful form of therapy is started up, the higher are the chances of being cured.  

Here is where people, who have been or are being affected by cancer in one form or other, have come together. All of us have benefited from this new development in cancer therapy. We are so convinced of its effectivity that we would like to inform as many affected people as possible (and doctors) with the help of the Society for Immunological Defence Against Cancer.

Donations should be raised to help needy patients.

On the Homepage we have presented the most important information using key words that refer to the subsequently described effective cancer therapy using dendritic cells.

The Email address for our Society is:   dendri@commimmun.de  

The type of cancer treatment described on the following pages has been developed by Dr. Thomas Neßelhut, the Immunologist Prof. Dr. J.H. Peters and associated colleagues. They are the most experienced of their sort in this field.

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