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It concerns a vaccination therapy based on the own Dendritic cells of the patient.

Dendritic Cells are the most potent carriers of immunological information. They are the starter cells for generating a specific immune reaction. Thus they represent the central entity for mounting an immune reaction.

They permanently patrol through our body as guards against illnesses – also protecting us against cancer. If cancer overwhelms them, Dendritic cells can only again be activated against the disease outside the body.

This special method of treatment is based on recent scientific findings in the field of immunology.

It already has been successfully applied over the last ten years.
It is mainly performed and further developed by single groups. As an individual therapy, involving complicated cell isolation and cell culture methods, big pharma has mostly restrained itself.

The vaccination therapy is tolerated very well

There are very few side effects.

Even for patients where the usual therapies have failed or ceased to work, the treatment with dendritic cells has often proved successful.

The immune therapy is, on the other hand, compatible with most of the common therapies.

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